Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shannons Halloween 13th Birthday

Shannon celebrated her 13th Birthday on 31st October. She loves having her birthday on Halloween, gives her an excuse to dress up and go trick or treating. This is a tradition for her every year. She had 2 girlfriends stay over on Friday night, they all dressed-up and went out trick or treating. The came home with pumpkins full of candy.

Here are some pics of the night.

Shannon dressed as corpse bride

Chloe as a Witch riding her broom LOL!!

Shannon and her friends Jaemi-Lee and Nicole

After they went trick or treating, Shannon opened more pressies

Shannon, Jaemi-Lee and Nicole

Cake time!! Thank you Nanny for your beautiful boiled Chocolate Cake, always a favourite.

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lindy said...

Look like Shannon had a fun birthday