Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chrisco Hamper

Well not only did we lose our food in the fridge with the Brisbane Storms the other weekend ($400 worth of groceries) which we had just bought that afternoon.

Millie (my mother-in-law) had bought us a family present for Christmas being a Chriso Hamper. I knew it was being delivered on the weekend but there was no set day or time.

I had not realised that it had been delivered to us until Saturday afternoon when I was putting away pool toys etc getting ready for the next big storm when I noticed these 2 boxes under our back deck. I opened the boxes to find all this defrosted food and gosh it stunk. Nothing was able to be saved. We then found in the mail box the delivery card which had been put in there at 4.30pm (approx) but I had already cleared the mail box much earlier on Friday so I had no idea that they had come.

I would have thought that delivering at that time of day they would put the card under the front door rather than in the mail box. I had been home all day on Friday until 4pm when I had to take Sarah to work and of course this is when they delivered.

Check out all this wonderful food gone to waste

Millie contacted them about it and they have now refunded her money, so we will go shopping ourselves for new hampers.


lindy said...

Oh dear me what a waste hope you can replace some of your Christmas food

Jodi said...

OMG Ness. HOw terribly terribly dissappointing for you!!
And what dreadful service from Chrisco!!
After the fiasco last year over non delivery of items, youd think they would have had better systems in place this year!!
It is a warning isnt it!! As great an idea as it seams at the time, the legistics of it just dont work!!
And how dissappointing for Millie for her gift to end like that!!!!

kerry said...

Now that would you the gripes wouldnt it i woulkd have been spewing.But at least they gave you your moeny back thats one good thing.take care Kerry xx