Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brisbane Storms

Well it's been a week of really bad weather here. Sunday afternoon Brisbane was hit pretty bad and a number of areas received a great deal of damage. Albany Creek was hit pretty bad too with many trees down, roads were cut, power lines down, flooding. Power was out for 24 hours and we lost our food in the fridge.

We were hit again last night and now again tonight with more on the way. Tonight not quiet as bad as previously but bad enough considering the damage already done from the previous storms.

Here in Albany Creek tonight we had some small hail, heavy rain and wild wind. Once again we were caught out in our car, this time it wasn't quite so scary and it didn't last anywhere near as long. When we got home I grabbed my camera and started taking pic's. Most of what I have however is after it had passed. I wasn't stepping outside during LOL!!

Take a look at the photos, taken from my front verandah.

The first 3 photos below are of the 1 lightning strike.


Lisa A said...

Hi Ness,
I hope all is ok up your way...we had a big storm yesterday this way...thanks for stopping by my blog...i hope you enjoyed reading it

lindy said...

they're some pics you got Ness