Friday, November 14, 2008

Kaiser Kits at Scrap with V

Well these are just gorgeous, I've done up the workshop kits of Kaiser. This available to purchase in the shop at Scrap with V in kit form. I have made one up myself and the girls just love them (big and small LOL!!). The image below is the kit available in store now.

I have also done another but using the Kaiser Blushed Collection along with the Glitz papers in pink and black.

This one is not sold as a kaiser kit but can be put together as a kit if you like.

Fantastic gift for under $18

Check out the other Kaiser kits in store now too, visit Scrap with V


Jodi said...

Those are so cute Ness.....
Hmm, theres a few things i like, might have to go shopping!! Damn Christmas!!

lindy said...

they are very cute Ness

killroy6 said...

I wonder why they are called ''Kaiser'' kits. That's my last name and I'm just curious is all. Thanks. B.K.

Ness said...

Kaiser is the name of the Manufacturer for the product in these Workshop kits.