Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Award

Hi everyone

Well the lovely Wanda from Stuck on U Sketches has kindly given me this award

Thank you Wanda you are a sweetheart!! If you haven't been to visit Wanda's blog you should, she creates some amazing layouts and projects.

So the rules are:

Thank the person that sent it to you

Tell 7 things about your self

and send to 15 people.

Ok so 7 things about me?? ummm...

1. I love life!

2. I love my beautiful 3 girls and my dear Husband to pieces, love spending time with them all and my extended family and my friends.

3. Love to scrap and design sketches and loving photography

4. I love to holiday at the Sunshine Coast and have always done since born.

5. Love to crank up the music and dance like crazy don't care who is watching LOL!!

6. I used to manage an Accountants Practice

7. The beach is where I want to be, my dream.

Send it to 15 people.

Now sending it on to 15 gorgeous ladies who all inspire me

3. Irit Shalom
4. Jodi Dolbel
Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!!


Jodi Dolbel said...

Haha thanks Ness XX

ann said...

Thanks Ness. xx

Valerie Bishop said...

:) Thank you Ness!! You're a sweetie!!

Amy Bender said...

Thanks, Ness! :)

kristie said...

thanks ness!!