Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Holiday photos novel to share LOL!!

Well after all the rain and local flooding up the coast while we were there, we did end up getting 3 days of sunshine, glorious sunshine.

We spent a number of days inside watching the horror on the news of the flooding in Toowoomba, Grantham, Ipswich and my home of Brisbane. The devastation was shocking to watch and my heart goes out to everyone affected by the floods in Queensland. Our place was so lucky, the closest we had was that Albany Creek and Cash's Crossing (don't ever remember Cash's Crossing doing this ever) broke their banks and cutting the roads into Albany Creek at one end and out of Albany Creek at the other end.

A number of friends have been badly affected by the Brisbane floods one of which who lived on the Brisbane River in their boat, however they are safe and sound. While I am not able to physically able to help with the recovery due to having no immunity, we have come home to go through our clothes and are donating loads of clothing, bedding and more, along with cash donation. Every little bit has gotta help right?

I would like to thank everyone who has gathered to help with the recovery of Queensland, makes me very proud to be an Aussie. Really is amazing how everyone has come together to help total strangers.

Today I would like to share some more photos from our holiday at Caloundra.

Ok well I've shown you some photos when the weather was quite bad so now it's time for some pics with sunshine YAY!!

Seas were still pretty rough, this ship heading up and out to sea, listing in a big way while heading towards us.

Chopper heading up the Coast carrying a container of supplies.

12th was the first day of beautiful sunshine. Photo of Kings Beach from our balcony.

The beach and surf packed with people again so we took advantage of the sun and headed down to relax on the beach.

Got ya darlin LOL!!

After relaxing at the beach we headed back to the resort to relax by the pool. The girls enjoying the wading pool LOL!!

Mr Cool by the pool LOL!!

back to our unit for some drying off LOL!!

and the girls continuing to cool off with a Sunnyboy iceblock.

Not the best photo of Andrew and I but as good as we could get with the big camera taking it ourselves LOL!!
Shannon and Sarah busted checking out the guys at the park from the balcony LOL!! quick pose for the camera LOL!!
on Friday we took advantage of the great weather again and decided to go for a drive up the Coast further to have a look at all the beaches between Caloundra and Mudjimba.

We started off and drove around the corner to Shelley Beach, this beach I used to love as a kid, I used to find all these full beautiful shells, would spend ages collecting them but now you don't find any of these shells anymore, very sad, more rocks are being exposed and you can now find more sea life. Crabs running for cover from the foam and sludge from the floods.

View of Shelley Beach facing north.

Shelley Beach facing south towards Brisbane. Covering much of the rocks is loads of dirty foam and sludge stuff and up on the sand too.

more foam washing in and blowing up the rocks and beach.

Crab running for cover LOL!!

Girls standing at the waters/foam edge.
We then headed up around the head to Dicky Beach. Another beautiful beach at Caloundra, I was pleasantly surprised to see the shells I used to collect from Shelley Beach are now washing up on Dicky Beach.

Walking down to the beach over the top of the lagoon.
the yummy sludge at the end of the lagoon section of Dicky Beach.

What is left of the SS Dicky - Dicky beach being the first beach in the world to be named after a shipwreck.
Chloe with her hands full of beautiful full shells

some of the shells you can find on Dicky Beach now, the beach is lined with these type shells.

Andrew and the girls walking the beach.
from Dicky Beach we headed up to Currimundi, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore and then across to Mudjimba. Mudjimba is where I used to holiday as a teen with my parents. We had a caravan that was permanent at the caravan park there. Going back to the 80's Mudjimba wasn't very well known and was a great spot for the surfies. This is where I learnt to surf with the guys. Was the best beach on the Coast up until Twin Waters built on what was once called the "Northshore" this area is now called Twin Waters and has grown huge. After arriving there I was totally gutted to see that there are now resorts on the front street where once was just a corner store. The caravan park has been halved due to another building on the corner. It's just not the same anymore, has lost all it's character, such a shame. The beach was a mess too, so much erosion and the sand is really awful now.

What's left of the dunes and beach at Mudjimba.

Old Woman Island which is directly off from the beach (I have zoomed right in on it here). The guys used to surf out to this Island to surf on the other side.

After this I just wanted to head back to the unit. I am still in shock over Mudjimba.

Andrew decided that we needed to go back to Shelley Beach to see more crabs seeing it was dusk LOL!! Men hey LOL!!

Crab hiding from Andrew in the rocks, beautiful colours.

now the crab is getting pretty cross at the camera LOL!! Claws are out LOL!!

After having fun with the crabs at Shelley Beach we headed back to the unit to relax on the balcony to find we could actually see the moon for the first time during the entire holiday. I am quite proud of my photo, zoomed in you can see the craters.

Thank you for stopping by and reading our holiday novel LOL!!


ann said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and your Holiday.
Ann xx

lindy said...

Great pics Ness!!! looks like you had a fantastic time

Kylie said...

gorgeous holiday pics Ness!!

annette said...

Love your holiday stories & the pics of the crabs ..... & that moon photo .... love X:)

Brigitte G. said...

wow aweesome stuffs Ness !!
looks like you had a fantastic time !!
and the pics are amaazing !!
and loooove that moon pic !!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics Ness time you are up you have to come over and visit me !!! xx♥

heirloomscrapping said...

Awesome photos made me wish we were up there

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great photos Ness i can see some amazing scrapping layouts coming up with this lot ...