Monday, January 10, 2011

A few holiday photos to share

Well we left Brisbane on Saturday afternoon to head up the beautiful Sunshine Coast LOL!! we all know it hasn't been sunshine for any amount of time anywhere here in Queensland.

We have a lovely penthouse at the Shearwater Resort. It rained so hard yesterday that the down pipe which comes from the roof of the building drains onto our side balcony. However the drain on the balcony was blocked and the water would drain away creating a lovely swimming pool for the girls LOL!! It did get to a point that we had to call the owners as we couldn't bail it out quick enough to how much was coming down the down pipe.

The girls had a ball though LOL!! They were sliding right across the balcony, much better than the beach LOL!!

You can see how much water was on the balcony and that was even after we were bailing it out.

Kings Beach Surf yesterday (Sunday) the beach was closed due to the massive seas and rips. A few people ignored the loud speaker announcements and continued to swim. Gosh the Surf Life Savers had a hell of a time getting everyone to get out!! Some people are just so daft I tell ya.

This photo below, I zoomed in from the penthouse balcony considering it was pouring rain, the photo makes it look much nicer than it really was LOL!! The photo below was Sunday.

Next few are photo's from today (Monday) we had some short breaks in the rain, just enough time to get down to the beach and take half dozen photos, cover the camera with plastic bag and head back in the rain again LOL!!

Photo is the back of Sarah and Shannon on what's left of the beach.

Photo of Kings Beach this afternoon

last night the park in the photo was completely flooded with kids using their boards sliding all through the park. Was too wet and windy to take camera out on the balcony to take photos.
Tonight we've had another great storm here and we've been warned of more severe weather just now the wind has really picked up.

Hope everyone is safe and well.

Thanks for stopping by!!


annette said...

terrific pics of the girls in their personal pool n the balcony LOL !!!!
Kings Beach looks amazing .. stay safe... luv X:)

lamanuelle said...

Waouhhh! Elles jouent les stars!! Kiss! Nadine

Belinda said...

Stay safe Ness!! I heard the flooding is heading to Brisbane today. Hope you guys are all okay. B-)

phillipa said...

Some great pics there Ness and glad you are all having a wonderful time. Sometimes it's just a change of scenery that does wonders!! xx

ann said...

Great photos..looks like you are having a good time..xx

Kylie said...

looks like the girls are having a great time reguardless of the weather!! looks great up there even in the rain. xx

Sandi Cl~ said...

Hoping that all is well and that the rain and flooding doesn't bring you too much grief!

heirloomscrapping said...

OMG thats amazing so much rain love the pics though

Jodi Dolbel said...

OMG!!!! So much for a sunny holiday though hey! But theres lots of action!!!
Hope your having a really fun time!
A relaxing time!
Those photos of your girls are adorable... they are all so gorgeous!

Brigitte G. said...

Great Pics to scrap Ness :)... at least the girls had a good time !!
Hope you are all well wherever you are and you're not too affected by the horrible floods around QLD !!
keep us posted please :)