Saturday, December 18, 2010

A month of Birthdays

Talk about a busy month for us, 3 birthdays, Christmas Parties and then Christmas!! Phew!!

Andrew's birthday was just a small do at home, Chloe wanted to make him a cake so she got creative in the kitchen and made him a double chocolate cake with mock cream in the middle and creamy chocolate icing covered with MM's and Clinkers - Andrew's favourites LOL!! He loved it and so did Chloe LOL!!

Yesterday Chloe celebrated her 12th Birthday, we had a family party at home for both Chloe and Sarah. Sarah celebrates her 19th Birthday on Monday but it made it easier to just hold it as 1 party.

Some photo's of their birthdays to share with you.

Cake Chloe made for Daddy's birthday.

Chloe was so very proud of the cake she made for Andrew's birthday and it was yummy too LOL!!

Chloe finally got her wish for her birthday, a handmade guitar from her Poppa Ken. Ken makes guitars and boy he makes them good too. Chloe has been wanting a guitar but it had to be one from Poppa. Look at her face when Poppa gave her the guitar.

Chloe had a vanilla sponge cake for her birthday, here she is making a new wish

Attempting to blow out her candles LOL!! They were one's that re-light LOL!!

Sarah went to Paris earlier this year and loved it. She has been asking for everything to do with Paris since. Granny gave Sarah this Eiffel Tower for her birthday.

Sarah's cake was a chocolate sponge. Sarah also had problems blowing out her candles.

Stevie, Leigh and Sarah (the cousins)

Andrew, Sarah and Me

Sarah and Charlie (cousins)

That was pretty much it for the night.

Was nice having family around to celebrate the girls birthdays, Sarah is out partying tonight and tomorrow night to complete her celebration LOL!!

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annette said...

It was a lovely night & we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves ....It was wonderful to see Chloe's ecstatic face when she received a guitar made specially for her by Poppa .. & Sarah nursing her Eiffel Tower cuddling it like a baby ... LOL ... love mumxxxx

ann said...

Ness what a beautiful family and the photos are lovely..
lol at the no blow out candles !!!!

Belinda said...

Such lovely photos Ness. Looks like everyone had a great time...except maybe poor Chloe trying to blow out those candles!!! LOL I must remember that trick!! He he he

Jules the Bling Princess said...

Happy Birthday Andrew, Chloe and Sarah! Ness, I was going to stop by your house and drop off your Christmas card, but I have the flu. So instead, I will take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas, and a joyous New Year. Have my AC stuff arrived yet? (-: Cheers, Jules

Brigitte G. said...

woww that look like a xtra busy December month for you Ness !! :)
Looks like everyone had a fantastic time and look at Chloe how grown up she looks !! (Anais turned 12 as well in November and heading to High School for 2011's going to be a pretty interesting year :)

Well done for Chloe for her cool cake as well, looks yummy !!