Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Wivenhoe Dam Photos to share

What a day this was, well afternoon actually. When Sarah got home from work and Chloe's friend Jess left on Sunday, and the fact that Shannon had been at home all week really sick with Tonsillitis we decided to get them out of the house and jump in the car and head out to Wivenhoe Dam to see the gates open, something the girls have never seen in their lives and something Andrew and I haven't seen since we were kids.

We did this trip previously in June 2008 when the dam was way down due to the drought the dams got lower still after then but I have some photos to compare with and WOW!! It was a great afternoon spent as a family and I think everyone else though the same too, cause WOW!! talk about people. There was a traffic jam at Wivenhoe LOL!!

Here are a few of the photos to share with you

from right to left (eldest to youngest) - Sarah, Shannon and Chloe at the Wivenhoe lookout, see they are nice and dry and their hair has been straightened so lovely LOL!! NOT FOR LONG LOL!!
This is the traffic just after we turned off into the road to Wivenhoe Dam LOL!! Traffic Jam!!, we decided to park and walk it cause the traffic was totally stopped for hours. Yep it took an hour to walk to the dam but we ended up beating vehicles who had been sitting for hours in the traffic jam.

so here is Wivenhoe with all it's gates open!! WOW!! what a site and all the spray, certainly needed it to cool off after the long walk.
this is the flow from the spillway. raging torrent now check the next photo which is the comparison back in 2008, soooo very different hey?

hard to believe that this is the same spot right? Look at the photo below and how there is nothing and the photo above you would never believe that there is a cliff.Now for some photos of the girls getting wet from the spray, you can walk out onto a platform and see the spill front on however it was hard to find a spot due to all the people.

So here are the girls with there lovely straightened hair LOL!! not so much anymore hey LOL!! You can see the spray from the spill behind them.

Shannon loving every minute getting wet from the spray LOL!!

Photo of Shannon and Chloe getting sprayed on, like it was raining.
Andrew and Shannon out on the edge of the platform posing for the camera LOL!! look at all the spray LOL!!Ok now we head to the other side of the wall, we also went here back in 2008, standing in a similar spot to take these photos, have a look at the difference. There was hardly anything in 2008 and look at it now.

this is the photo we took back in 2008, of the same area just a little further up on the platform from memory. Huge difference hey.

After seeing Wivenhoe we headed up the road for 20 minutes and took a look at Somerset Dam, unfortunately they closed off the path to go right down to the base of the wall where the spill was, such a shame so this area was the only spot you could see the spill. Not a very good view but still.

And of course Sarah standing in front.

All in all it was a lovely afternoon spent together as a family and the girls seeing something that they have never seen ever before and possibly won't see again for a long time.

It really was amazing to see this again after remembering it from childhood, it's so different. So glad we went.

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annette said...

absolutely wonderful pics of a great experience .. thanx for the comparison photos, too, great photos of the girls .. love xx

ann said...

Ness your daughters are beautiful and what a great experience for them
Well now I expect to see some of those photos scrapped and in the gallery...!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that would have been amazing to watch !!! Gorgeous photos !!! xx

Kylie said...

great pics nice to have all your girls together :0) thanks for the before & after dam pics

lizzyc said...

oh great photos! yes we saw the traffic jam on the wonderful to see so much water in the dam.. lovely blog too!!