Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shannon's Semi Formal photos

Wow what a day!! up bright and early this morning, Shannon actually came and woke me, come on Mum we gotta go shopping for the last bits for the semi LOL!! the only time she will get up on her own accord LOL!!

So we headed up to Strathpine to get the 2nd pair of shoes to go with the 2nd dress LOL!! then got strapless bra, 5 pairs of stockings, dress for the after party LOL!! the card was screaming!!

We got home just before midday and then I did Shannon's nails for her just in time for her to head down to work to have her hair done.

I had to help Shannon get ready, putting her stockings on for her so she wouldn't put holes in them with her new nails and then her dress so not to wreak her new hair do LOL!!

Her dear friend Osman has taken her to the semi this afternoon, his tie matched her dress perfectly.

Here are a few photos to share with you. She really didn't want any photos so her smile isn't the best LOL!!

Shannon was sooo worried about the fact that she was taller she kept bending at the knees, hence why no full shot photos LOL!! Had to crop them down LOL!!

I hope that she has a fabulous night tonight, they are headed to the Kookaburra Queen for the semi and then back out this way for the after party later on.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!


Jodi said...

Shannon!!! WOW! Oh my god, you look awesome!!! Totally HOT dress, and that cute little guy on your arm is adorable!! Love the 80's hairdo!!! OR is that now the tweenies hairdo! It all comes and goes hey!!! Reminds me of flock of seaguls!! Showing my age now!!!
WOW! Hope you have a brilliant night!! And dont pass out at the Afterparty!!!!

ann said...

Ohhh Shannon you are totally georgeous!!!!!
Hope you have the best night ever :)

Jennifer said...

Lovely photos!! The dress is amazing!! Purple is my all time favourite colour! :)

Debbie said...

She looks like a princess!!! Hope her night was magical!

Brigitte G. said...

wowww Shannon looks absolutely gorrrrgeous in this purple dress !! good choice of dress and good choice of accessories with the bling bling headband !!
love it !!

Tarrah said...

Shannon is gorgeous Ness, just LOVE the dress, beautiful on her. xx