Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scrap with V Retreat

WOW!! What a weekend!! Once again the Shearwater Resort was just amazing although this year the weather was better LOL!!

The view from my room

Night view
The beach - Kings Beach Caloundra

The Shearwater Resort looking from the beach
Sarah and Henry looking over the beach and surf

Photos of the Photo Shoot LOL!! KerryM taking pics of Jodi
So I snuck in behind Kerry and got a really lovely photo of Jodi too

The classes were amazing, Jodi entertained us all for her mini album class by having us all in stitches while making her balloons.

Saturday night Class - Jodi the balloon lady had everyone in absolute stitches with her balloon hats. Here she is below with the big black one to give to the Bride in the other room LOL!! Class started late as we were all having too much fun with Jodi's dirty balloon entertainment LOL!!

Here are some photos of the ladies wearing their balloon hats

Sarah keeping her flower and Henry getting to have it all (every man's dream LOL!!)
The lovely Phillipa

Bling Lady Lynne
WendyG and Lea the conjoined twins LOL!!
KerryM, well we shall leave her hat to your imagination LOL!!
Jan's balloon hat, another to leave to the imagination LOL!!DebbieK


Kylie trying on the big black on for size LOL!!

Kylie with the balloon hats to be presented to the Bride and Groom over in the Restaurant

Below is a video that I tried to get of KylieJ presenting the Bride and Groom with their balloon hats. I was stuck in the alley behind them so the video isn't too crash hot.

The Bride and Groom after KylieJ presented them with their balloon hats, now just use your imagination as to what each hat is LOL!!

All in all I do believe that all the ladies including the wedding party in the restaurant on Saturday night had such a fantastic time on the Scrap with V retreat.

Thank you ladies for making the weekend such a memorable one
and I look forward to seeing you all again next year!!

Love Ness


lindy said...

Looks like a fun time had by all

lindy said...

love all the photo's Ness

Jodi said...

These photos are awesome!!! Notice i stole a few of them!
Was a bit hard to take photos and twist at the same time!!

heirloomscrapping said...

OMG I am glad you didn't fget my photo after seeing these LOL

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for a lovely week end Ness!!! It was fantastic, and you did an awesome job. I take my hat off to you!! Thank you!

kerry said...

Hey Ness great pics.We did have fun didnt we and Jodie sure is a wag .Take care Kerry xxThanks for such a great time

Kerry said...

Awesome photos. Great to hear you all had such a brilliant time. So wish I could have joined you.

Jan said...

LOL things you can do with a balloon....I had the best time!

Eve said...

OMG those pics are crazy looks like you all had a blast ...godd on yas xxxx