Wednesday, August 4, 2010

20th Wedding Anniversary & Birthday's

Wow today has been fantastic!!

Not only is it DH and my 20th Wedding Anniversary today but
both Lindy and Kylie are celebrating birthday's this week
Lindy's birthday was yesterday and Kylie's is Friday
so we had a get together to celebrate with the girls!!

We all went to lunch at the Coffee Club. Lindy and Kylie had been spoilt with lots of beautiful gifts. It was really lovely to catch up with the girls over lunch.

I no sooner got home to have a car pull up out the front of the house, here I was thinking a customer had come but it was a delivery of beautiful flowers.

I had thought OMG!! my husband has really out done himself this time LOL!!
but it was actually all the beautiful ladies I had lunch with today, they sent me these gorgeous flowers to thank me for lunch.

Check out these beautiful flowers that Lindy, Millie, Phillipa, Kylie & Debbie sent to me
aren't they just divine? and see the lovely chocolate and pink butterfly in there too?

Thank you sooooo much for the flowers ladies.

Now I must say that I took these photos with my new camera that Andrew bought for me for our Anniversary. I am still getting used to it and still loads more reading of my manual LOL!!

I had originally got a new vacuum cleaner for our anniversary, now it's a good one but... LOL!!
I know what you are thinking and that's exactly what I said to him
Sarah and the girls were watching when he gave me the vacuum
a little later Sarah had pulled him aside and said "Dad that was horrible, give her the camera" LOL!! which had been hidden in her room LOL!!
So the following day, guess what? I got my new Camera LOL!!

He's good at joking around, was sort of half expecting it though.

Anyway, it has been a truly wonderful day
I hope the girls enjoyed their day as much as I did.

Thanks again.

Love Ness xx


Eve said...

ness congrats on 20 years of marriage thats a hallmark anniversary ...and those flowers are divine im glad andrew got you a camera but the vaccume joke is a good one ..
take care hugz Eve

Kylie said...

you deserve a litte spoiling occasionally Ness!! enjoy those flowers xx

Brigitte G. said...

hehehe still laughing about your vaccum cleaner but at the've been spoilt Ness !!
*a NEW vaccum cleaner,
*a NEW cool camera
*fantastic lunch with the girls
and... beaudiiiiful flowers from the girls as well, that is sooo sweet !!
Happy 20th anniversary !!