Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ted Smout Memorial Bridge Opening to Redcliffe

We spent half the day today at Brighton/Redcliffe to celebrate the opening of the new Ted Smout Memorial Bridge. We parked the car down near Decker Park and walked the entire distance over the bridge to Pelican Park at Redcliffe. We took a little break and then decided to catch the free bus back to our car LOL!!

Have some photos to share with you, it was a very gloomy day but a good day to walk. They handed out free bottles of water and had water stations every 5oo meters which was great.

the crowd walking across the bridge and the speed signs

the Hogs Breath Cafe Hog who was walking back and forth over the bridge

Fishing platform
The Ted Smout Memorial at the half way point

looking across the other 2 bridges and the low tide to Redcliffe

where we sat for a break after coming off the bridge near Pelican Park
coming back over the bridge by bus they dropped us off at the old Hornibrook Bridge and you walk back underneath the other 2 bridges through back to Decker Park
all in all it was a lovely afternoon even though the weather was yuk
it made it nice for the walk over the new bridge

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Love Ness xx

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