Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Best Friends 40th Birthday!! What a night!!

Sorry I know I promised photos from the party but I just haven't had time to scratch myself since being here LOL!! Having a fabulous time cramming in as much as possible while we are here. We just got back from Mt Gambier SA today, so we have now done the Great Ocean Road right through to and into South Australia, we stayed at Mt Gambier and drove back inland this morning stopping at many little towns on the way.

I will show you photo's of our trip mostly likely once I've returned as I have soooo many photos to go through LOL!!

So here we go with the Party!! Happy Birthday Dean!! Dean and I have been best friends since we were 4 (36 years of friendship) He has been there for me always!! I hope we will both celebrate another 40 years together as friends.

Dean's husband Jamie did such a wonder job organising this fantastic party for Dean. We went on a party train out to Drysdale from Queenscliff. Beautiful old steam train, with the carriages rocking the entire way there and back. Everyone dressed in Victorian and how terrific everyone did with their costumes too.

Here is a pic Jerry took of the steam party train

Now many of these photos weren't taken by me, Jerry and Lyndal were taking heaps of photos of the night too and got so many great shots.

This first photo is of Andrew and I, yep that's right we got Andrew in costume LOL!! ssshhh don't tell him I put this up here LOL!! and yes I was freezing but wasn't allowed to put on my big coat until after the photos.

This next photo is Dean, Jamie and Me (now doesn't Jamie look fantastic!! he made his costume himself including the gloves, it was totally amazing!! and I soooo want his boots!!)

Dean, Jamie and Dean's Parents - Gary and Carol

Jerry and Mark (Jamie's brother)

Dean and Jamie walking to the carriage of the stream train

Jahi and Jamie (makeup artist and hairdresser)

Jamie in drag doing his performance for everyone on the dance train.

Jamie and Dean

Dean's friends on the platform at Drysdale - Simon (Mary), Troy, Andrew, Jahi

Azz and Greg
Photo of Dean announcing that it was my 40th Birthday too. Love you Dean xx

I had told Dean not to announce about my birthday as he had said that this was what he was going to do. Didn't matter, he did it anyway LOL!! We do celebrate our birthdays only 3 days apart but it was his night.

We all had the most fantastic time that night even though it was dam freezing cold, think it was like 4 deg but the wind chill was colder.

It was so wonderful to finally meet Dean's friends and put faces to the names finally and get totally spoilt at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Catch you all in a few days time.

Love Ness xx


Annette said...

ome pics... everybody looks fantastic...
what a handsome Victorian couple you & Andrew make.... (what happened to his jeans & T-shirt LOL.. xx

Jodi said...

you looked FABULOUS!!! I love love love that hair colour!! WOW!

Ness said...

Thanks Millie and Jodi, I really do love my new colour, I feel so alive again. Jamie did a wonderful job. Andrew would have been the only dork not in costume so he had no choice really LOL!! Thanks so much for stopping by. Love Ness xx

Brigitte G. said...

OH MY GOSHHHH !! how awwwesome were those costumes !!!
looks like you had such a ball Ness !!
Plenty of pics to scrap for next CyberCrop huh Ness ?? wink wink !! ;)