Monday, May 3, 2010

Melbourne trip first few days

Hi everyone

Well we are in Melbourne arrived last Thursday to cold, raining and windy for it to warm up during the day. I think we had 3 seasons in the one day LOL!!

We spent the first few days in Melbourne and stayed at the lovely Hotel Windsor. Very old world hotel but very beautiful indeed. Certainly felt like we didn't belong with all the concierge's, chandliers and posh surroundings. We rocked up in jeans and shirts to check in with everyone looking at us funny LOL!!

Andrew and I walked around Melbourne city, jumped on the red tram to visit the city attractions. We ate at the Cafe on Bourke and OMG!! the food portions down here are huge!! I think I have put on 5kgs since I've been here LOL!!

We checked out the Fitzroy Gardens, Parliment, Queen Victoria Markets, The Old Melbourne Goal and Watchhouse.
Fitzroy Gardens
Captain Cooks Cottage

Dean and Jamie drove up to Melbourne on Saturday morning to pick Andrew and I up. We went off to get our costumes for Dean's 40th birthday party and then headed back to their place in Geelong. OMG!! they have such a beautiful house. We spent the afternoon relaxing at their place.

Later on Saturday afternoon we were all chatting and I am not sure how the conversation started but we got onto talking about my hair colour. Jamie suggested that I have a lovely red, well I wasn't sure about it to start with but I was put in the chair and my hair got done at 10pm LOL!! no going back now. I LOVE IT!! thank you Jamie, I feel alive again! Jamie has a hair salon in Geelong and is just amazing. Thank you again Jamie.

Check out the new me!
On Sunday morning Jamie did my hair ready for the party, so I was done early and out of the way LOL!! The Queens needed more time to get dressed, makeup on and everything. I even got spoilt again with Jahi doing my makeup for me, WOW!! he is amazing with makeup.

Check out the beautiful hair style Jamie gave me for the night - the theme of the party was to dress Victorian 1800's.

Now stay tunned for the party photos. I will upload these after we return from doing the Great Ocean Road and SA in about 3 days.

Love Ness xx


phillipa said...

Ness am so pleased you and Andrew are having a great time.
I absolutely love the colour of your hair!!! It looks fabulous and goes so well with your skin tone!

Kylie said...

you look gorgeous it! hope your enjoying your holiday & can't wait for the b'day pics ;0) xx

heirloomscrapping said...

wow just love the colour how long did the style take to do

heirloomscrapping said...

just love the colour and how long did that take to do

Belinda said...

WOW!! Ness your hair looks amazing. Can't wait to see you in your costume!!! B-)

Jodi said...

WOW Ness!!
That colour looks so awesome on you!! But what a brave move!! Good on you, you look amaising!!!
Enjoy the party!!

Eve said...

very nice hair doo ness you look stunning

Annette said...

just looove the colour of your hair
it looks absolutely fabulous can't wait to see it IRL xx

Brigitte G. said...

woww love love love your hairdo Ness and the colour, you're a stunner like that :)

Anonymous said...

can you email me all photos of andrew thanks kev