Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Storms tonight - Lightning Photos

Well more storms came through again tonight. We were lucky this time and still have our power but Aspley and over that way are without power at the moment. Millie (my mother-in-law) is scrapbooking by candle light tonight.

I have this thing at the moment taking photos of the lightning, managed to get some pretty good shots tonight.

These photos were taken from my back deck

These were taken from my front verandah


Annette said...

Wow they are amazing pics Ness
is that last photo "the one" LOL

Ness said...

no actually "the one" was massive and just turned the entire area white. That photo just made the place look like daylight LOL!! this one was just after.

lindy said...

Greta pics Ness
we only got noise and rain

Jodi said...

Well Ness, Stu and I are very impressed about your lightning photos!! He needs to know details... Did you leave your shutter open to catch them, or were you just arsy.. 5 times over!!! LOL
Great photos!!!

Ness said...

No Jodi, I put my camera on "S" for sport and changed my shutter speed to fast think it was 400. I have also done it with the camera just on Auto without flash have the camera pre-focused on the sky so finger is half way down before the lightning strikes. It's just been trial and error with them, not all turned out but got a number of good ones and loving taking them now. The first time I tried I sat for hours but now I know what to do with my camera.

kerry said...

Awesome pics Ness well done and thanks for a great weekend i had a fab time.Take care Kerry xx