Friday, December 26, 2008

Birthdays - Andrew, Sarah & Chloe

December is a very busy month, with 3 birthday's and then Christmas on top. Have been busy organising birthday parties, bbq's and holidays.

Andrew's birthday was early in the month 5th December, we had a BBQ on the back deck to celebrate. Andrew had a fantastic time.

Me, Andrew and Millie chomping into the beautiful white chocolate cake my mother made for his birthday YUM!!!Chloe's 10th birthday party we had a little pool party with a few of her friends from school the day after Andrew's BBQ - 6th December (Chloe's birthday is actually 17th but it's hard to have a party during holiday time so we move it forward for her). They all had a great time in the pool. We had a Princess crown pinata which they had great fun trying to smash it.

The biggest kids of all LOL!! Sarah and boyfriend Henry having fun with the party bubbles

Party lolly bag for each of the girls.

Chloe's actual birthday, 17th December. Opening her pressie that she had no idea about and was totally surprised to get her DS - finally LOL!!

OMG it's a DS!!

Before we went away for our holiday we had the family come over on 17th to celebrate both Chloe's and Sarah's birthday.

The girls cutting their cake

who said anything about sharing the cake with the rest of the family LOL!!

Sarah's 17th birthday - 20th December was celebrated up at Kawana Waters where we were holidaying this year. She opened her gifts in the apartment, we went swimming, took her out for dinner and then there was fireworks on the beach right out front of where we were staying. Made for an excellent night for her.

Don't touch bottom Sarah or you will have to kiss the nearest boy LOL!!
OOPS!! - touched bottom
Of course the nearest boy was Henry
Sarah posted off her logbook so she can go for her P plates on 31st, she has received the text back to say it's been approved so all is ago for her test on 31st. Fingers crossed for her that she gets it first go.


Jodi said...

Looks like everyone had a very yummy birthday!!!

lindy said...

Sarah good onya girl
i'm sure you'll pass

Annette said...

lol,happy birthdays all round.. lovely cake...YUM!!
go for it Sarah