Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shannon Cake Assessment Task

Hi everyone

Well I thought I would share this as I am so proud of my girl Shannon

Shannon had a Hospitality Assessment Task at School which was "decorating a Easter cake that could be sold in a Bakery" a few weeks back where she had to make a cake at home, then completely decorate it at school, making all the icing, mock cream etc at school as part of the assessment task.

They had a list of what they could and couldn't use on the cake which made it hard. Only 3 bought lollies were allowed to be used. Had to use Royal Icing, Mock Cream and Butter Icing were just a few on the list.

So the Royal Icing was made into the cheeks, eyes, nose (with colouring) and teeth, we bought the licorice for the whiskers and eye balls (used my ring to cut the eye balls LOL!!)

We made a normal butter cake, one being a round tin and another slab tin, which we then cut the ears and pieced together onto her stand, cutting the round cake in half ready for the mock cream filling.

Well she topped the class with her effort, and wow!! did it taste great too. Had to make sure it made it home in 1 piece so I could get photos before it got gobbled up LOL!!

Isn't her bunny cake so cute?? I think she did a fantastic job of her cake.
Was very yummy too LOL!!

the licorice was in a roll so she had troubles getting it to sit right on her bunny's face but hey as long as it tastes good right LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Alanna said...

Aww that's so damn cute!! And your daughter is beautiful :)

ann said...

WOW what a fantastic cake...
Congrats Shanon !!!!
Hey Ness you be proud and tell the world,,,cause that is what us mums are

annette said...

we all enjoyed a piece of Shannon's cake .... it tasted as good as it looked .. love xx

Brigitte G. said...

woww Well done Shannon !!
that is a gorrrgeous cake !! it would be a pity to cut it !!