Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scrap with V Cyber Crop this weekend

Finally I have been able to scrap this weekend and really loving all the challenges at the Scrap with V cyber crop.

You have to go over and check them out. There is 10 days to upload to the gallery so heaps of time to get the challenges done.

A few challenges to share with you

Jodi's Sketch Challenge
this is my take on Jodi's sketch

Challenge 1 by Kylie27 - think of your home town in a new way sell it as a place to live
1. Must be a 5x7 photo of a scene (non person)

2. Scrap about the place where you live.( sell your town so we can come visit!!! )

3. One word title and a journal tag.
Challenge 2 by Kim Kendell - Rugged Beauty - what does it mean ..........

Rugged -ruggedness - huskiness: the property of being big and strong ruggedness
- the quality of being topologically uneven; "the ruggedness of the mountains"

Beauty -
the qualities that give pleasure to the senses smasher: a very attractive or seductive looking person

so what is the challenge

1. must have the Title "Rugged Beauty"

2. At least 2 pattern papers
3. Ribbon
4. Hand Cut Pattern Paper
Millie's Mystery Challenge

These are just some of the fantastic challenges over at Scrap with V.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!!

Love Ness

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