Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cooking hour at Aunty Ness's

Well after a terrible start to the week with hospital and then the Agent phoning on Tuesday to let us know that the owners have decided to sell the house we are in, it's put things into turmoil this week getting the house prepared for photos today and a open house on Saturday, I'm so over cleaning and moving.

Today at long last we had Stevie and Leigh (my niece and nephew from Cairns) come for a short visit. The girls all decided that to encounter the blues over the house being put on the market that it would be a great idea to indulge in some double choc chip muffins for afternoon tea LOL!!

While Millie (Annette) and I sat out on the back deck enjoying a cuppa tea and a chat the girls got cracking in the kitchen.

Here are a few pics of them enjoying the cooking and then of course devouring the muffins.

Getting the mixture into the muffin tin - of course it takes 4 LOL!!

all hanging over Sarah for that bowl LOL!!

Shannon and Stevie sprinkling the last of the choc chips on top

Now doesn't this look yummy!! now ready for the oven

Now the best bit, waiting for them to cook we get to lick the spoons and bowl LOL!!

My niece Stevie

Shannon with her spoon

Speak to me oh chocolate lips LOL!!

15 minutes later, they are done and the choc chips are burnt LOL!!
but don't they just look yummy!!

Now of course you can't have a nice warm double choc chip muffin
without whipped cream LOL!!

Sarah's creation

Stevie's creation

Now to devour the creamy double choc chip muffins LOL!!

Millie enjoying her creamy double choc chip muffin


lindy said...

great photos

Jodi said...

OMG How yummy do they look!!! Share them aound please!! LOL

Kerry said...

Oh no! Not the prospect of moving again!! You poor things.

BTW, those muffins look to share??? lol

Lea said...

Those muffins look scrummy.
OMG, house on market AGAIN. Huge hugs to you Ness.

Annette said...

great pics Ness, the kids sure had fun... pop on over to my blog there is a present waiting xx